Designed to engage the entire family, the USO EmPaCt program flips traditional family dynamics and empowers military kids to lead the outcomes of their family’s experiences.

EmPaCt is a family connection event that usually lasts 3-5 hours and brings together about 5-10 military families per event. During an EmPaCt event, families play games together, connect over shared experiences and then tackle a fun, problem-solving activity using cardboard, recycled goods and creativity. Families are encouraged to reflect on their EmPaCt experience and to continue infusing the playful and positive problem-solving skills they have developed into a healthy, resiliency-building habit.

Offered in more than 10 USO locations, the program achieved overwhelming success in its first year. USO plans to scale the program to USO centers all over the world to keep up with growing demand for programs that engage military children and families.