The USO has supported every dignified transfer at Dover Air Force Base since March 1991. USO centers are located in the heart of Dover Air Force Base to support families of the fallen, as well as those troops assigned to the Air Force Mortuary Affairs complex. Additionally, as family notifications occur at all times of the day and night, the USO works 24/7 to coordinate among USO centers across the country to support and comfort families traveling to and from Dover, meeting the myriad needs of families who have just received tragic news. In 2014, the USO was there for more than 600 family members at dignified transfers at Dover last year. The USO’s reach expands beyond Dover, with a vast network of support for our families of the fallen from coast to coast.

The USO also supports the families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice through our partnerships with organizations such as Fisher House, as well as the support received at various USO centers across the United States.

No matter what the hour or the need, the USO is there for the families of the fallen.