USO COVID-19 Response: In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Mobile USO centers and Sprinter vans are being deployed into the field to support the National Guardsmen who have been activated to assist in COVID-19 military support efforts throughout the United States. USO teams are working closely with the state-specific military leadership and abiding by CDC guidance on health safety practices. The USO is working diligently to get supplies and programming to those service members working on the front lines of the pandemic during this time.

Acting as USO centers on wheels, Mobile USOs offer service members in the United States the same great supports that are found in USO airport or installation locations. These large, mobile centers travel to big events and military exercises to provide a place for troops to relax during down time, providing USO services to areas without a brick and mortar USO center and support our centers and the community in times of crisis. Each Mobile USO offers large screen televisions, video game consoles, Wi-Fi access, casual seating, , coffee makers and microwaves. The Mobile USO provides onsite support including climate control, video games, movies and free Wi-Fi to keep the troops connected to loved ones back home.

Since 2014, the USO has focused on updating the fleet to meet the changing needs of the U.S. military. Operations have expanded to include a 38 foot-long Mobile van, as well as several Sprinter vans designed to provide support to smaller exercises and events. The larger mobile centers all include three slide-out sections, a large canteen window, two 65-inch TVs, five Xbox gaming stations, WiFi, internal and external sound systems and a food prep area. There are currently three of the larger Mobile centers in the fleet and four Sprinter vans. The Sprinter vans are stationed in Oklahoma/Texas, Alaska, California and the South Eastern region of the U.S., providing support to communities with large military populations and geographic limitations.