The average military spouse moves 8-12 times in the span of a 20-year military career, which often results in starting over in each new location and dealing with the struggle of meeting new people, sustaining meaningful employment, and feeling a sense of community where they live.

The USO has supported military spouses for many years and in 2016 launched a worldwide initiative focusing on programs such as USO Military Spouse Networking and USO Coffee Connections, that have been strengthening and empowering military spouses by connecting them to their social, professional, and community networks.

Participants smile at the Military Spouse Networking Program at the USO Warrior Center at Fort Belvoir, Virg. | Photo credit Sandi Moynihan

At USO Military Spouse Networking Events, up to 50 military spouses have the unique opportunity for face-to-face interaction with other spouses in their same situation, instantly making connections with one another and to their greater communities. The USO also invites local hiring employers, community/military leaders, and organizations that want to support military spouses. Spouses leave the networking event with customized business cards, a personal and/or a professional elevator pitch, and a collection of new contacts and friends.

Spouses are encouraged to sustain their network, that’s why the USO launched USO Coffee Connections—a casual, monthly touchpoint to Military Spouse Networking events. These monthly gatherings allow spouses to relax in a comfortable setting, share advice, learn about local events, and make new friends over a cup of coffee and pastries. Spouses are encouraged to come as they are or bring other military spouses with them to join in on the friendly conversation.

In its first two years, the program fostered over 10,000 connections between spouses, hiring employers, organizations and community leaders. The USO’s goal is to create over 20,000 connections annually through its Military Spouse Programs.

Are you a military spouse, or an employer, organization, or community leader interested in supporting military spouses? Check the calendar below to find and register for a Military Spouse Networking event near you.

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