Tell Our Troops “Thanks!”

Our troops serve with great honor and unparalleled bravery. They ask for little in return — just to know America is behind them and supporting their efforts.

You can show your support by leaving a brief message of thanks to our brave servicemen and women at our Thanks From Everywhere map. Just a few words of support from you will make a real difference to our troops.

Please take a moment to add your personal message and say “Thanks From Everywhere” to our troops. 

Thanks From Everywhere is a special way to let our troops know you’ve got their backs and you deeply appreciate their service.

When you add your message, we’ll post it to the interactive map. Your message of support — along with thousands of others — will be available for our troops to enjoy throughout the holidays.

From now until Thanksgiving, we hope to fill up the Thanks From Everywhere map with notes from every hometown across the country.

Join the USO in saying Thanks From Everywhere to our troops. Add your message of thanks today.

Hour by hour, the USO’s Thanks From Everywhere map is filling up with messages from all over America honoring the service and sacrifice of our brave servicemen and women.

I hope you’ll take a moment right now to participate in this show of support. – Sloan Gibson, President and CEO, USO

21 thoughts on “Tell Our Troops “Thanks!”

  1. Thanks, all members of our troops. You are ever on our hearts and we remember you every moment. ever we thanks you for your duty, your sacrifices and deditions, for all you make for us. Be aware you are not alone and now, near Christmas, our thougts and prayers for you are most intense. If you over your herats, you may feel this is true. thanks again claudio alpaca

  2. Remembering with full & grateful hearts all you are doing for us this Thanksgiving! Stay safe and know that you are in our prayers!!

  3. You ALL are my heroes, God bless you and your amazing family…america is blessed because of each and every one of you. I will NEVER forget you and you families sacrafices, and I will try everyday to be worthy of that. I love you all from the bottom of my heart, thank you

  4. Thank you to all United States men and women who sacrifice everything so my family can sleep well at night. Your service can never be repaid, and you are all my hero’s. God Bless You All and i hope you can come home soon.

  5. Thank you for doing what y’all do so i can spend time with family during the holidays wish tho i could exchange my self for one of yall to come home and spend time with yalls family thank y’all

  6. Dear Servicemen,
    I have started an afterschool group called Service for Servicemen and we are teaching my students all about your sacrifices and how proud we are of you. The kids are in grades 4-8. They salute you and so do I. Whereever you are in the world this day you are in our thoughts. From a Army NG mom

  7. I truly want to thank every service man and woman for their service keeping our great country free. I know that this holiday season away from home is hard but know each and every one of you are in my prayers and those of my church for a safe return home! May God be with you always.

  8. A BIG THANK YOU 🇺🇸 from USO New England!! If you are traveling thru Boston I’ll be at the USO Lounge (Terminal C – lower level) from 9:00 am-6:00pm. I’ll put the coffee on! :)

  9. Thank you for your selfless support of our country’s freedom to sustain liberty for all. It takes a special person to do the kind of work you do. Happy Thanksgiving!

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