The Great American Love Story

The Greatest Generation told some of the most romantic war-time love stories.

An Airman paints his girl’s figure onto the nose of his warplane and she wears his bomber jacket around town, whistling their song from the night they met at a USO dance.

Almost three-quarters of a century later, romantic stories of love and separation in a time of war have begun to re-emerge.

The plot remains the largely same: boy meets girl, boy (or girl) goes off  to war, they write to each other, and when (s)he gets  home, they get married.


It was a Sunday afternoon when Lindsay Banks was working the send-off shift at the Dallas / Ft. Worth USO, saying goodbye to troops as they returned to combat after a period of R&R (Rest and Recuperation).

Originally from Iowa, she moved to Dallas after college and began volunteering at the local USO to meet new people and support her troops. She met her best friend there, and her roommate. She never expected to meet the man of her dreams.

But then it happened.

A single Airman stood apart from the crowd. Lindsay was shy, and it would be against USO protocol to approach him.  Luckily, he struck up a conversation with her and they spoke for almost an hour.

When it was time for him to board, they exchanged email addresses, said their goodbyes, and she reluctantly watched him go.


Four months and dozens of emails later, her Airman was finally coming home. They had become friends while he was gone.  Now, they would meet again in the same airport—in the same terminal.

“I was shaking,” she recalled. “I REALLY liked him. But did he like me just as much?”

The airport seemed like Grand Central Station that day as she scanned the crowd for her man in uniform.   Then, she realized he was right behind her.  When she turned around, their eyes locked.

They shared their first kiss that day, but they both realized it wouldn’t be their last.

The  Killoughs tied the knot a year later and remain happily married today.

Happy Valentine’s Day Richard and Lindsay Killough! – Joseph Andrew Lee, USO Staff Writer

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and LOVE, please share your story of how USO  Centers overseas have helped your loved ones stay connected during their deployments.

Lindsay and Richard Killough on their wedding day. Courtesy photo

18 thoughts on “The Great American Love Story

  1. My parents met 55+ years ago at the USO in San Antonio. My sister in law’s parents met at the same place longer ago than that. Needless to say we are supporters of the USO!

  2. What a kewl L<3VE story! Perfect 4 Valentines Day :) And being great friends first . & overcoming the absense of long distance separations shows they have a strong healthy foundation – so important when U pledge yr lives 2 each other .. They have an excellent future 4 a long happy healthy marriage. (not EZ in these impulsive times of "I wanna be married" days .. or "I wanna be in a wedding & wear a beautiful wedding dress" idiocy –really?!! There R some girls who are like that! .. Dreaming abt their "Wedding Day" & deluding themselves thinking they can 'change' some1 after they're married! .. Amazing — too many get married 2quick, with delusional expectations (& dont think things thru) But this wise couple did it right .. Congrats 2 them! Long luvlife together!
    Annandale Va

  3. Great Story Our Troops Deserve The Upmost Or R&R From Our USO.The Post Is In My HomeTown Dallas\ FortWorth In Which I Miss Dearly I Live In The State Of Washington I Was Blessed With 4 Grandchildren Which Brought Me Up Here Love it Congrats To The NewlyWeds iam was married For 37 Yrs.But Divorced My Wife Had A breakdown didnt get Better had To Commit Her To A State Hospital Now Iam Chatting On Facebook With A Female Who Is In Kabul Afghanstain i miss and love her dearly with god speed i hope to have her back safe and sound .Thank You For The support And Help Yall Give Or Troops.
    Aberdeen, Wa.

  4. AWE!!! I love that you shared this again! I am so very blessed to have been Lindsay’s team leader at USO DFW! Even more blessed to have watched the love between them grow…and attend their wedding! Their’s is a beautiful love story!!!

  5. i like Love Story, but i would say not like this, because its not good to appear your love and show to others. i would like to be as a secret between two parties you and your love, and i think it will be enough that your love feels your loving.


    Love Is Only Inspiration

  6. Thanks for all of the wonderful comments folks! Due to length requirements we weren’t able to provide more information but we now have a beautiful 4 month old daughter Evelyn (Evie) and after a deployment to Afghanistan in 2011 and several years of marital bliss we are living in the Omaha area. Still in love and still couldn’t be happier. Thanks USO and for all the volunteers who made my dream come true!

  7. Happy Valentines Day Lindsay and Richard Killough on your Wedding Day in Dallas,USA.Get in the action feel the attraction.Enjoy the adoration and the adulation.You have grown up and time is now riped.You are quite understood all the birds and the bees.Get on the bandwagon.God will keep us all USO Supporters and Staff,US Troops together to love and care for one another forever and will keep it safe by night and day.

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