Chairman P.H. Kooi donates 1-Billion Won to the USO

Chairman P.H. Kooi (Koo Pyong-hwoi), honorary chairman of E1 Corp, made a check in the amount of 1-Billion Won (approx. $885,000.00) during a luncheon yesterday at the Hyatt Hotel in Seoul.

Check Presentation

President and CEO of the USO Mr. Sloan Gibson said in a statement;

“The generosity and ardent support of people like Chairman P.H. Koo enable the USO to lift the spirits of troops and their families. With Chairman Koo’s personal donation of one billion won, we will be able to continue our vital work for many years,” said Sloan Gibson, USO president. “We also offer our sincere congratulations to Chairman Koo on receiving Korea America Friendship Award. There is no one more deserving.”

David Proch, Country Director of USO Korea;

“The USO is deeply appreciative of Chairman Koo’s generosity and will help put this donation to good use supporting the American troops and their families serving in Korea. The power of people like Chairman Koo do extraordinary things – like writing history one donation at a time. Chairman Koo is proof of our potential here in Korea where two nations forged the strongest alliance in the world. Our five USO centers in Korea are visited about 110,000 times a year, so this substantial donation will go a long way in providing a comfortable environment for the 28,500 men and women in uniform and their families to relax, enjoy themselves, and utilize top-quality equipment.”

Click here to see The Korea Times article on this event

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