Where in the USO World?

We have so many USO Centers and events across the globe that it’s hard to tell where this photo was taken.

Is that melting snow on the ground?

Maybe you’ve visited this location, or maybe you know someone else who has. See if you can identify the person(s) and place in this photo, and help us determine the date for our records. Hopefully someone out there will recognize some of the signage or surroundings.

You know the drill- leave a comment with any information about this photo below. Thanks for all your help!

6 thoughts on “Where in the USO World?

  1. Looking at the number of short sleeves and the woman in shorts, it appears to be hot…perhaps a semi-tropical location? Perhaps that is right after a downpour, and not snow. Also, trees are still very green. Some appear to be hardwoods.

  2. When I googled “ifju” I found the word “ifjusagi”. It is a Hungarian word. It means Youth. The next letter under the USO banner looks as though it might be an S too.

  3. A little research has led me to suspect that it is probably Taszar Air Base in Hungary. As Erin Pepperman pointed out, the language is Hungarian. The payphone, visible near the center of the picture, is common in that country. This would mesh with the fact that the US Army was present at that base until 2004. Additionally, the image was likely taken by an 8 megapixel camera, practically unheard-of pre-2000 but considered a good camera to have in around the time the base was active.

  4. I can definitely say this is not the USO at Taszar Main in Hungary, but it could well be the USO that operated at Taszar Air Base, which means this picture was from the early days of Taszar.

    The uniforms are mixed. I can definitely tell this is the old style Army uniform and also the old style PT (workout) uniform. Some soldiers have shorts and otehrs the PT sweats. Some soldiers have sleaves down and others have rain jackets. No one has field jackets, so this is definitely not winter. Most soldiers have sleeves up.

    I was stationed in Taszar for a year and this definitely looks like Hungary from the vegitation and architecture.

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