Letters Back Home

Here’s one of our favorite words at the USO: “Free.”  It can mean different things in different contexts, but we always want to make sure that service members know that our programs and services are always FREE for them.  Today’s “Letter Back Home” reiterates the importance of that word and how just a phone call or a few minutes on the internet can make a big difference.

What’s your favorite USO program or service?  What programs did we offer in the past that you’d like to see available today?  We want to hear your feedback!

One thought on “Letters Back Home

  1. I love the welcome home kits with the hygiene essentials that the USO gave to all our FRG’s so we could put them in our single soldier’s barracks rooms. We placed them with food items so that our soldiers could come home and relax instead of having to go to the PX or Commissary right away. Thanks for all that you do USO!

    I also love the waiting area’s in the airport in Dallas. We were able to get some food and a place to relax when we took my husband back from R and R!!!

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