Share the Love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday to show loved ones how much you care.  Why not also take this opportunity to show our Troops how much you care, too?  The USO makes it easy; there are so many ways to show your support on February 14th and beyond.  Check out our Valentine’s Day suggestions, share your own in the comments section below, and

Share your Valentine’s Day message with our Troops! – It’s easy and only takes a few minutes to show the men and women of the U.S. Military how much you care this holiday.  You can even directly share your unique message with someone you love.

Make a Valentine’s Day donation! – It doesn’t take much to help our Troops stay connected with their loved ones during this and every holiday.  Phone cards, Skype, and our private telephone network are just a few of the ways the USO keeps loved ones in touch, no matter the distance.

USO Phone Call

Your support makes moments like this - a father hearing his baby for the first time - possible at the USO.

Go “shopping” – for a USO Care Package! – You might be snowed in, but visit Causecast & Huffington Post’s “The Goods” store andyou can send a meaningful gift by clicking on “USO Care Package For A U.S. Soldier.”  You can even select to leave a note for the recipient that they’ll receive on Valentine’s Day.

Check out activities at your local USO! – Members of an American Legion Auxiliary League created Valentine’s Day cards for Troops, to be handed out to Troops at the Bob Hope/USO Lounge at Cleveland Hopkins Airport.  Check out our location directory and see what your local USO might have planned.

5 thoughts on “Share the Love this Valentine’s Day

  1. thank you for supporting me and my family. i support you all for what you do. stay strong and you’ll all be home soon. and PFC Mattocks we love you i love you. We will be together again before we know it! Praying for you all!

  2. I wanted to thank the USO…They have been so helpful and do so much for our soldiers!! I did not realize how much they do until our first deployment…Thank you!!! SPC Eakin I miss and can’t wait till you’re home…To all the soldiers thank you for being strong and keep safe…We miss you all…Be safe…Thank you all soldiers and the families that miss them!!….

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