Lowe’s Expands Support of the Military with Year-Round Discount!

Lowe's LogoLowe’s Companies, Inc. announced this week that it is expanding its support of the military by offering an all day, every day 10 percent discount to all military personnel who are active, reserve, retired or disabled veterans and their family members, with a valid, government-issued military ID card.

All other military veterans will receive the discount on the Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Veterans Day weekends.

Lowe’s was founded on the heels of World War II by veterans Jim Lowe and Carl Buchan and has always been a supporter of the military,” said Larry D. Stone, Lowe’s president and chief operating officer. “The year-round discount program is one way we are reaffirming our commitment to the thousands of men and women who are serving throughout the world, as well as their family members at home.”

The discount is available on in-stock and Special Order purchases up to $5,000. Excluded from the discount are sales via Lowes.com, previous sales, and purchases of services or gift cards.

While Lowe’s has had a military discount program in the past during select times of year, the new policy will allow those who are serving to benefit from the discount whenever they need it the most.

“What a great way to say thank you,” said Sloan Gibson, president and CEO of the USO. “We salute Lowe’s for the company’s commitment to helping military personnel and their families who served and continue to serve our nation.”

The USO was also selected as one of the beneficiaries of the Lowe’s Employee Giving Campaign in January. This initiative allows Lowe’s employees to donate directly from their paychecks to support those who are serving our country.

In addition to offering military discounts at specific times during the year, Lowe’s has extended benefits for its employees serving in the military and offers employment opportunities to military personnel after their military service has ended. Currently, more than 12,000 Lowe’s employees are military veterans or reservists.

55 thoughts on “Lowe’s Expands Support of the Military with Year-Round Discount!

  1. Another reason why LOWES stores are consistently selected as “patriotic employers” by the ESGR (Employer support of the Guard and Reserve) folks in DOD.

  2. So, if you didn’t serve 20 years or are not 50% disabled, you get to enjoy a so-called veterans discount 3 holidays a year. Big deal. I’ll be shopping at Home Depot. By the way, did Jim Lowe and Carl Buchan serve for 20 years or are they 50% disabled veterans? If not, they don’t get the discount.

    • They did not specify 50% disabled vet so it does not matter if you are rated at 10% or 100% you get the discount. You can get a VA ID card from your local VA and that will be your ID to get the discount.

  3. I think a veteran is a veteran and the fact that they did not retire or are disabled does not change the fact they are a veteran. I thank Lowes for honoring the veterans but having different rules for non-retired vets I can’t say I agree with.

  4. Served two hitches in the USN. So now I can’t get the discount everyday as I had been doing any time I went to Lowe’s by showing my DD 214. Does this mean my time spent in the Navy was not important because I did not retire from the military. Broke my back while in the Navy but chose not to claim disability, guess I should have filed for disability, then I’d get an everyday discount at Lowe’s.

  5. I guess I’ll be shopping over at Home Depot with Roger Bernier for the same reasons he gave.

  6. I just heard about the veteran’s discount at Lowe’s and asked about it at the North Cornwall, (Lebanon), PA store. They assured me that they did give a discount to ALL veterans. I showed them my VA Hospital ID card and got the discount. I’m off to Home Depot to see what they’ll do in this area. From what I’ve heard and read, it seems the discount is up to the local managers.

  7. Yes–but. Lowes has for about the last two years offered (I shop in Fl. & Tn.) an everyday discount to any veteran with proof of service. (DD214) You now can’t get a discount without a picture ID and you can’t get an ID from the VA unless you are getting health benefits. They cut a lot of us out, Home Depot hasn’t.

    • Ron, you are exactly right. My brother encountered the same thing–his discharge papers no longer “qualified” him for the military discount. He went to the Buffalo VA and stood in line for a photo ID that Lowe’s now demands, and the first words out of the staffer’s mouth were: Oh, you’re here for Lowes. My brother has NEVER asked for VA benefits, but he did serve honorably in the Army. But Lowes will not accept the DD14, passport, and birth certificate as acceptable ID. It actually made my brother cry telling me the story. It is shameful for Lowes to wrap themselves in the flag and actually NOT give discounts to ALL military veterans.

  8. I will definitely be shopping elsewhere. I didn’t retire from the Army but I served in Vietnam while some retirees never saw combat. Not right. I agree with the others who feel that because we did not retire or disabled we do not get the discount year round. We served our country and put our lives on the line while someone who retired from the military and never put their lives at risk get the discount. Go figure.

  9. Your discount policy is suggesting that some veterans are more equal than others which is discriminatory, Perhaps you should define a veteran as the military does. I wonder if you allow the families of KIA veterans this same discount. How do they provide a pictured ID.

  10. It would be nice to honor all those who served in the military rather than just those who are on active duty or retired. I have spent a ton of money at Lowe’s and guess I will in the future. I agree with others I did a hard tour in Vietnam during a time when being in the military was not so cool and we were hated. My neighbor retired from the military and never saw combat but he gets the discount everyday??? But thanks for the discount on the other days. Kind of hard to plan the projects around just those few days.

  11. Lowe’s in Warner Robins DOES NOT honor this program for veterans, Larry-the store manager has taken it upon his self to deny this. Lowe’s can kiss my business good bye.

  12. I don’t understand why some people are complaining. I thank Lowes just for doing what they do. I will never bite the hand of those feeding me.

  13. What they neglected to mention is that veterans used to enjoy the discount all year long – not just three holidays a year. I’ll take my business to Home Depot which still offers the veteran’s discount all year!

  14. Dearborn, what’s so hard to understand about it? The hand may feed you, but I spent 13 1/2 months in Vietnam as a draftee and had no desire to make it a career, so the hand that feeds me is my own!

  15. I’m also an Army vet (drafted 1966-68) and was recently denied the veteran’s discount that I genuinely appreciated. It was one of the few, if any, thank you’s the Vietnam era vet ever got. I’ll see you under the orange sign, and I don’t mean agent orange either. I’ll take my home improvement dollars to an organization that says “Thanks”.


  17. Enjoyed the discount at Lowe’s for a few mos. Vietnam Veteran and served from 65 to 68. The Greer S.C. Lowes recently changed managers and now won’t honor the everyday discount, or my dd214 , or even my discharge ID which I managed to find because it has expired. Discharged in 1968 and my id has expired, who’d of thunk it ?. I’m gonna try the Lowe’s in Spartanburg, (a lot further away) and the Home Depot across from the Lowe’s in Greer. Basically remodeled my whole house at Lowe’s, Veterans of Foreign Wars only matter if you served 20. Thanks Lowes

  18. I’ve had pretty good luck at Home Depot with just my American Legion card. No one at the HD stores here in Rochester, NY have questioned it. Lowe’s on the other hand has been very inconsistent. They gave me the discount on two riding mowers (over $400 savings) but gave me $hit when I tried to use it for something under $100.
    I’m with the rest of the group that thinks it’s ridiculous they differentiate between vet’s. I served 4 years in the Marine Corps, and 6 months more after 9/11 but as far as I know, don’t qualify for a government issued photo ID saying I’m a veteran. It’s amazing how many people fail to realize that when you receive your discharge, you don’t get a photo ID saying ‘This person is a veteran.’


  20. I severed in the Navy for 6 years during the Vietnam War and and have spent over $20,000 remodeling my 42 year old home. Lowe’s had always honored my discount until the other day when the checker told me they would not honor the DD214 as proof or service. Well Lowe’s! Home Depot never questions my service discharge papers (DD214) The checker told me that some people were using other peoples copies of the DD214 and I must present a service issued photo ID. If my DL with my DD214 isn’t good enough, what is? If you don’t want to honor all service personal then don’t offer discounts to any former military persons. I only request the discount if I spend over $200.

  21. Yes–but. Lowes has for about the last two years offered (I shop in Fl. & NY.) an everyday discount to any veteran with proof of service. (DD214) You now can’t get a discount without a picture ID and you can’t get an ID from the VA unless you are getting health benefits. They cut a lot of us out, Home Depot hasnt done this so i say SHOP HOME DEPOT LOWES SUCKS

  22. Thanks, Target…
    How about those that are heroes, who don’t have a US Gov’t card, but have their DD219’s?? My hubby was awarded Silver Star for Valour, Bronze Star and Purple Heart, but cannot get the discount.

  23. Lowes in Matamors,Pa follows the picture ID rule. My husband served during the VietNam war so we can shop and get discounts on the three holidays only. Lowes policy is unfair to all veterans that do not have that picture ID. We now shop at Home Depot and all veterans and all military
    personnel active or retired should boycott Lowes until they change their policy and include all veterans.

  24. I think it’s a great thing that Lowes is doing for Active Duty and Retires Military. About a year ago I asked Home Depot for a Military Dicount and they said No!, youhave to be Active Duty. So I have been doing all my shopping at Lowes. Thank You Lowes for your support!

  25. My Dad is not considered “retired” military, having served in the Air Corps and he is consistently given a 10% discount, without questions at our local Lowe’s store, located in Kirkwood, Missouri. This is 365 days of the years and not on designated days. I don’t know why there seems to be a problem at other Lowe’s locations, but my question to all of you who say you do not receive the discount, have you talked to the store manager??

  26. Lowe’s is NOT supporting run of the mill veterans. This is what I just took off the LOWE’s website:

    Current and former military personnel and their immediate families get 10% off this Veterans Day weekend. Offer ends 11/15/2010.

    Offer available for all active, reserve, retired and medically discharged military personnel and their immediate families.

    Must show valid military ID or VIC card at the time of purchase. Offer is good for the purchase of any in-stock or Special Order merchandise only up to $5000 (maximum discount $500).

  27. I have been getting my discount until the other day /using my VFW card until the other day the check out lady asked for my discharge-I said you must be kidding who carries their discharge around for over 60 years–This Lowes of Hanover PA. I guess I’ll be going to the HD

  28. Today I went to my local Lowes store and I left very disappointed and hurt with what I heard. You see, I am a retired military and a small contractor. I spend between my LAR account and credit card, about $500 – $700 per week in your store. Effective today, Lowes will not give me a military discount because I am a contractor. I asked the Lowes pro desk and they don’t know why. The cashier said “ I think it was because it was an unfair business practice”. I hope this is not the case. I do not remember anyone from the “world” calling my commander and telling him that my service in harms way was unfair. If fairness is the issue, any other contractor is free to drop his tools and pick up a weapon and stand his ground in a foreign land. If he or she is lucky he will come back.

    I spoke to some of my Army buddies about this. Today, they are Landlords, Realtors, and restaurant owners and this new policy will also affect them. We would like to know why? Home Depot does not have this policy. How are you going to enforce this thing? I can honestly say that this policy will not go well with us.

    This email is intended for the person or persons that created this new policy. Please rethink this deal.

  29. How dare any of you complain about whether anywhere offers a veteran’s discount and what the terms are. This is entirely optional on their part and do it as a way of thanking veterans for their service. I am a United States Army Infantry Veteran, and have served in Iraq. It would be nice to be able to continue to get that discount but it is childish and ridiculous to complain about it or even threaten a boycott as one respondent posted. Your military veterans, act like it and grow up.

    • Well, the issue, Mike, is that Lowe’s wants to wrap themselves in the flag and give the outside world the impression they offer a discount to service members, but in fact, it is to a select group. It’s misleading. They aren’t thanking everyone for their service, just those who are qualified to get medical benefits from the VA and hence can get a photo ID–so folks like my brother, who served during Vietnam but have never asked for VA benefits, now can’t get the discount. If Lowe’s was worried about fraud with someone using someone else’s discharge papers, then why is a DL, passport, and birth certificate along with the DD214, not sufficient? Sorry, but you can’t have you cake and eat it too, which is what Lowe’s is trying to do, and apparently Home Depot is not. HD considers all military/ex-military to be qualified for the discount.

      • That’s not the case with Home Depot nearest me. They only offer discounts to active duty and retired military. They do not offer a discount to anyone else, such as regular vets, disabled vets or even reserve/auxiliary members.

  30. As a licensed general contractor I also was told by my local Lowes(Kingsport, TN.) that I could only get the 10% discount on personal use items. To agree with others here, I served 26 yrs, and was deployed 3 times to Combat, I also will take my business to the Big Orange. See the Lowe’s official press release. It doesn’t allude to a denial anywhere.

  31. As a veteran of the Korean war I also did not retire. However, I served my time be enlisting and am proud to have served my country. The fact that Lowes has changed the discount rules has also changed my views on them.
    Anyone that serves their country should be treated the same. Hello big orange.

    • Lowes didn’t change the rules….they extended them to include others. This selfish “me too” attitude seen here is disappointing. I spent over half of my life in the active military and retired a few years ago. Just because I am a retired member, I don’t feel that I am entitled to discounts reserved for active service members. By the way, Lowes gives the 10% up to $5,000; HD limits it to $500. I for one appreciate what Lowes does for veterans.

  32. I’m a 70 plus year old vet, not retired nor disabled. For approximately 2 years I’ve received a military discount from Lowes. About 1 year after Lowes instituted their policy, our local Home Depot followed suit. Today I went to Home Depot. My purchase was an American flag to replace the weather-worn one that I fly continuously. When I checked out, I showed my VA card, as usual, and was told that Home Depot had changed their policy 2 weeks ago and would no longer provide a veterans discount with a VA card unless it had the “retired” or “disabled” notation. While I respect retired military personnel, feel for those who were injured, were we not all serving our country? I admire companies that recognize veterans and their service but feel that limiting the benefits to certain categories is a slap in the face to the rest of us who were fortunate enough to not have been injured.
    Tomorrow I’ll see what Lowes has to offer in their flag department. Perhaps they’ll continue their original veterans policy.

  33. I tried to access the discount and was told to bring in my DD214, so the second visit I did. Now I am told that it is not acceptable and that I needed a VA card. Well, the VA said I did not need a card, because they go by my SS#. I am 70% disabled and can produce documentation for that purpose. Is this what I need to get 10% off of my purchases! Home Depot does not ask you to jump through hoops like this! THank you.

  34. I have been receiving the Veterans discount at Lowes for just a few months. Lately, I have been questioned to show more than my DD 214. Saleslady said I will give you the discount this time, but next time she said I would need a government issued ID. It is different at every Lowes that I have been to.

  35. It stinks because lowe’s will not give all veterans 10% discount all year round only to certain ones. They all served in the military and should be treated equal. It is like when the men that served in Vietnam came home and was treated so badly. Get real treat all veterans alike.

    • Lowes is not the VA. I served over 27 years, and I recognize that Lowes is a retail store for everyone. To their credit, they honor veterans by giving discounts on veteran’s holidays and year round to those who are actively serving, served an entire career or were disabled due to military service. You should get real, military service is honorable, but it doesn’t give you a free pass the rest of your life.

  36. Lowes corporate said they were very sorry for my frustration when I called to complain. My frustration is that here in Albany, NY they will only accept a PICTURE I.D.—I served over 40 years ago—where is my picture ID fron back then—-WHO KNOWS—-can I get it replaced —NO!!!!!!!!!!per the Veterans Admin. They also said they were NOT issuing ANY Photo IDs to current vets—-I quess this would be like Lowes selling $20 bills for $5—except they don,t ever have any in stock—but they are quick to understand your frustration and tell you to come back again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  38. We just came back from Lowes and my husband (Viet Nam Vet) was embarrassed when we asked for a discount and they said they would only take an ID card and they showed us a sheet they had at the cash register of the only types of identificaton they accepted. My husband is not active service but he neither has a VA Medical card. MOST of the Veterans I know DO NOT have a VA Medical card or any card. We told them we would get our car registration to show that we had Veitnam Vetrans licence plates in which we had to prove to the state of TN that he was a vetran, or would run home to get my husbands discharge papers. They said they would not take those identifications (This upset my husband a bit) but changed heart when other customers were watching and They finally gave us the discount but it has discouraged us, embarrassed us and disappointed us -… Home Depot just gives us the discount by honoring our word.

  39. Too bad Lowe’s discount does not apply to those of us who are just veterans but not retired military. Seems short-sighted to me. You shouldn’t place more value on time in service than the sacrifice many of us made in Vietnam and other wars.

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