Wounded Troops Enjoy a View from the Sky Box

Michael R. S. Teilmann, the Executive Director of USO – Greater Los Angeles Area, Inc. sent this dispatch from the field on January 2: We were able to get a sky box at Staples Center for our wounded warriors last night…THIS is what we are in business for — to take care of our troops and our wounded warriors.  Look at the smiles on the faces of these heroes! God Bless everyone who helps us with our sacred mission. Happy New Year to all.  -Mike”

That’s right, Mike.  This IS what the USO is all about.  The troops made the trip to the Staples Center in conjunction with The 911 HelpAmerica Foundation.  We have a photo gallery below.

Mike Talleda heads up this group’s wounded warrior initiative and had this to say to the USO:  “I want to thank you for always thinking of us.  You and the Bob Hope USO at LAX have made it possible for us to get our guys together more than anyone. You’ve always put our name out there and for that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  We help our guys financially, we advocate for them but the thing that we like to do most is create a fellowship and get these guys out of the house, and believe me ‘it ain’t easy”. Some of the best times we have had are because of invitations that have come our way because of you.”

Outstanding work, Mike and Michael!  And to all the troops who enjoyed the game, that was some fourth quarter, eh?  We’re so proud of your service.

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