Congress, USO Pack Healthy Snacks for Troops on Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON—Wednesday’s USO Congressional Service Project at the Rayburn House Office Building offered a unique opportunity for members from different sides of the aisle to support the troops together.

Elected officials spent part of their morning assembling healthy snack packs the USO will then distribute to service members and their families.

The snack packs are a direct result of requests from the TellUSO survey and contain items like oatmeal, dried fruit, pretzels and nuts. The snacks were donated by Harris Teeter, a USO partner that has raised more than $1 million for the USO since partnering with the organization in 2012. The 1,500-plus snack packs created Wednesday will be distributed at the USO centers around the Washington metropolitan region.

“On behalf of nearly 20,000 associates who work for our stores, we’re so proud to be a part of this,” said Rodney Vines, Regional Human Resource Manager at Harris Teeter. “We want to be partners with the community that we serve, and we thank the USO for giving Harris Teeter the opportunity to thank our troops and serve them as members of our community.”

A Much-Needed Break: Mobile USO Stops by Navy Yard

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The USO of Metropolitan Washington-Baltimore’s Mobile USO – an RV packed with treats and games dispatched around the region to lift spirits – visited the Navy Yard area of Washington on Wednesday, bringing a much-needed positive distraction to a military community shaken by the Sept. 16 shootings.

USO Metro’s Shalyn Bartelt and Jenn Hall served a steady stream of around 350 people over two hours, handing out snacks – including bags of fresh popcorn from their popcorn machine – and holding giant tricycle races in the parking lot, with the winners of each race taking home a DVD of their choice. The event also featured a contest where guests could guess how many Hershey Kisses were in a jar, with the winner receiving an iPod.