Tell Our Troops “Thanks!”

Our troops serve with great honor and unparalleled bravery. They ask for little in return — just to know America is behind them and supporting their efforts.

You can show your support by leaving a brief message of thanks to our brave servicemen and women at our Thanks From Everywhere map. Just a few words of support from you will make a real difference to our troops.

Please take a moment to add your personal message and say “Thanks From Everywhere” to our troops. 

Thanks From Everywhere is a special way to let our troops know you’ve got their backs and you deeply appreciate their service.

When you add your message, we’ll post it to the interactive map. Your message of support — along with thousands of others — will be available for our troops to enjoy throughout the holidays.

From now until Thanksgiving, we hope to fill up the Thanks From Everywhere map with notes from every hometown across the country.

Join the USO in saying Thanks From Everywhere to our troops. Add your message of thanks today.

Hour by hour, the USO’s Thanks From Everywhere map is filling up with messages from all over America honoring the service and sacrifice of our brave servicemen and women.

I hope you’ll take a moment right now to participate in this show of support. – Sloan Gibson, President and CEO, USO

Sending Our Thanks

Hundreds of thousands of our troops will spend Thanksgiving and the holidays away from home and loved ones. At this time of year, it’s especially important to show our support for them.

Last year, thousands of people like you stepped forward to show our troops the support they have at home by sending messages of thanks on our Thanks From Everywhere map.

Right away, we started hearing from service men and women around the world. They wanted the USO’s supporters to know how much it meant to receive messages from their home towns and from all across the country.

This year, we’re partnering with the White House’s Joining Forces initiative to send even more words of hope, encouragement and support. We need your help to make it happen. Each message means so much to our troops, so please show them you care!

Add your personal message to our “Thanks From Everywhere” map, so our troops can feel your support no matter where they are.

Your note of encouragement can reach our troops and touch their hearts wherever they are. They’ll be able to walk into any USO center and view messages of thanks from their hometown.

The debt you and I owe our troops is one we can never repay, but their selfless service can’t go unrecognized. And right now, you have the chance to show them your gratitude in a deeply meaningful way.

Post your personal message of thanks and bring a smile to troops everywhere.

Together, we can make sure our Thanks From Everywhere map is covered with heartfelt messages before the holidays begin. We’ll let the troops know that while they’re out on the front lines fighting for us, the entire country is standing with them.

GSN Live Supports the USO this Veterans Day!

Tune in to GSN Live as they support the USO this Veterans Day with a “Thanks From Everywhere!” GSN Live airs weekdays 3-6 EST.

“Thanks from Everywhere” is the USO’s newest effort to pass on the American public’s thanks and support to our men and women in uniform and their families.

Visitors to the newly redesigned can leave their personal messages of support on our interactive map, which will display these messages based on geography. Our goal is to fill the map between Veterans Day and Thanksgiving with thousands of notes of American’s appreciation.

Go to now to send your note.

Offer “Thanks From Everywhere”

As we approach Veterans Day, November 11, it is important to honor the service and sacrifice of our veterans of the past, present and tomorrow—those men and women who, upon their return home, become living, breathing testaments to duty, honor and selfless service and sacrifice.

To offer your thanks and support, the USO has a new program for Americans to send thanks from across the United States to our troops and their families for their service and sacrifice. Visit the newly redesigned to send your personal messages of appreciation to those who so deserve it, and the USO will place a pin on the US map, displaying these messages based on geography . Our goal is to COLOR THE MAP between now and Thanksgiving with thousands of notes, as Americans send THANKS FROM EVERYWHERE. Go to now to send your note today.