P&G Gives Makeovers to Military Honorees Before USO Gala


Jessica Perkins, wife of USO Soldier of the Year Staff Sgt. Jacob Perkins, gets her hair done at the P&G Beauty and Grooming Salon at the Washington Hilton before Friday’s USO Gala. USO photos by Joseph Andrew Lee

Every year, the USO selects a service member from each branch and a military volunteer to honor at its gala in Washington, D.C. — a star-studded event with more than 1,000 attendees, including the nation’s top military brass.

With a roomful of guests to impress, they — and their families — needed to look good. That’s where the P&G Beauty and Grooming Salon stepped in to help.


Marianne Gaylor, wife of USO Sailor of the Year Greg Gaylor, gets her hair done Friday at the P&G Beauty and Grooming Salon.

One of the perks of having great partners like P&G is that they bring their own party supplies. Cover Girl cosmetics, Gillette razors and a whole line of hair and beauty products filled a private space just steps from the Washington Hilton’s ballroom on Friday afternoon. P&G-provided stylists spent the afternoon making the USO’s honorees — and a few other special military invitees — look sharp for the big event.

“I’ve never been shaved before,” said Army Master Sgt. Mike Martinez (Ret.). “That said, it was the best shave I’ve ever had. It’s nice to see P&G and the USO coming through for us, to help my wife and I get prepared for this.”

Five fully stocked stations for hair, make-up and shaving were in action for six hours on Friday to help spouses and family members feel comfortable and confident for their big night. More than 15 makeovers were performed by the end of the day.

—By Joseph Andrew Lee, USO Staff Writer


USO Airman of the Year Staff Sgt. Christopher Beversdorf gets a shave before Friday’s USO Gala at the P&G Beauty and Grooming Salon.

USO | P&G Beauty and Grooming Lounge

P&G provided all the hair and beauty products used for the makeovers

When you find out the military man in your life is being honored by the USO at their annual gala, you’re certainly thrilled and proud. But hobnobbing with Washingtonian politicos and top military officials in a glittering ballroom can be a daunting idea for the average woman! Guest Lori Johnson said, “I’ve been to a couple military formals, but nothing on this scale. It’s a little overwhelming… but exciting!” Luckily the USO and P&G were there to help make things as fun and relaxing as possible!

USO Soldier of the Year Corporal Bixler gets his head shaved

The day of the event, the spouses, mothers, and the honorees themselves were invited to the P&G Beauty and Grooming Lounge for some well-deserved pampering! There were five fully stocked stations for hair, make-up and shaving to take advantage of to help the families feel as confident as possible for their big night. “I’m ready for my transformation!” exclaimed military mom Marilyn Torrens.

Jill's hair was made perfect for her husband's special night

More than fifteen makeovers wear done by the end of the day, with all the families ready to celebrate and enjoy the upcoming festivities. Read all about the event at USO.orgVyque Elessar, USO Director of New Media

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Procter & Gamble Becomes USO Worldwide Strategic Partner

We’re pleased to announce our newest Worldwide Strategic Partner, Procter & Gamble! The USO and P&G have joined forces to provide new exclusive programs and services for troops and their families. These initiatives will launch in the coming months with a focus on providing a meaningful connection and value to these individuals.

As a Worldwide Strategic Partner, P&G will play a key role in the USO’s ability to provide effective, cost-efficient programs to the men and women in uniform and their families.

“It’s with great honor that we welcome Procter & Gamble to our distinguished platform of corporations who demonstrate their tremendous commitment to supporting our troops and their families,” said USO President Sloan Gibson. “We look forward to expanding this partnership and creating great programs for those Americans who need our support the most.”

“Our commitment to the military men and women who serve dates back to the Civil War where we supplied the Union Army with soap and candles. This commitment continues today with our dedicated Military team.  Leveraging a strategic relationship with the USO enables us to connect our brands to American service members and their families while touching and improving their lives,” said P&G CEO Bob McDonald.  “We are excited to grow and develop this strategic relationship with the USO and our retail partners.”

The USO continues to be the bridge between the American public and our troops. In times of peace and war, the USO consistently delivers its special brand of comfort, morale and recreational services to the troops. P&G also shares this vision of touching lives and improving life through their brands and program initiatives.