Letters Back Home – Share YOUR Letters!

Letters Back Home is a weekly series celebrating the strength of our Troops, their families and friends, and any one who supports our military through their words and thoughts.  Have a letter you’d like to share?  Send us an email and we’ll publish some of our favorites!

(Letters may be edited for grammar and content and full names are not disclosed.)

Letters Back Home: Kid Edition

Today’s Letter Back Home isn’t quite that, but we knew we had to share it with you anyway.  It’s an actual letter that was written from a military child to Trevor Romain, one of our favorite people here at the USO.  His DVD “With You All the Way” is being shown to kids around the country and will be available on DVD at the end of the summer.  One young audience member was certainly touched by their viewing, and wrote Trevor to tell him how it changed her and her family’s life…