Operation Proper Exit IV in Photos

OPE IV Baghdad

Participants of Operation Proper Exit IV pose with the USO logo and USO staff at Camp Sather AB USO, Baghdad. (USO Photo by Rick Kell)

Center Manager Terry Benson welcomes participants from Operation Proper Exit IV to Camp Sather AB USO, Baghdad, including Rick Kell (center), of the Troops First Foundation. (USO Photo by Richard McCarty)

OPE VI Baghdad

Participants in Operation Proper Exit IV meet the staff and receive orientation at Camp Sather AB USO, Baghdad. (USO Photo by Richard McCarty)

OPE IV Baghdad

Duty Manager Richard McCarty and Center Manager Terry Benson talk with a participant of Operation Proper Exit IV, at Camp Sather AB USO, Baghdad. (USO Photo by Rick Kell)

More than two-hundred soldiers turned out to greet six wounded warriors participating in Operation Proper Exit as they made a stop in Camp Prosperity, Feb. 2, as part of their seven day tour of the forward operating bases in Iraq. Prosperity is currently home to a number of units charged with the administration and security of the International Zone who welcomed being given the opportunity to thank those who came before. (Photo courtesy of the Texas Army National Guard.)

Representatives of the many units actively working on FOB Prosperity, including the 336th Military Police Battalion, 72nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team and 571st MP Battalion, stood ready to welcome the return of six soldiers wounded during their tours in Iraq as part of Operation Proper Exit. The program brings wounded soldiers back to Iraq as part of their healing process and is run through the USO and the Troops First Foundation. (Photo by Texas Army National Guard 1Lt Darryl Frost)