Happy (Belated) Birthday, Navy!

Group of Navy men leave the Wailuku USO club for a tour of the scenic sights on Maui. These tours are arranged by USO. WWII era 1942 - 1947 (Photo from USO archives)

We’re so sorry, Navy!  We meant to wish you Happy 235th Birthday yesterday.  Really, we did!  We hope we can make it up to you with this rarely seen vintage photo from WWII.

ADM Gary Roughead, CNO delivered a special message on the US Navy’s Birthday and we wanted to share that with you, too.  Here’s to another great 235 years…

We Want to Hear From You!

Our anniversary is right around the corner: we ‘ll be 69 on February 4th!  And to help celebrate, we’re asking for YOUR USO stories.

Have a recollection about an entertainment tour that changed you life?  A picture from your favorite USO Center?  Or the story about how you met your future spouse at a USO dance?  We’d love to hear them all.

It’s simple: send an email of your USO story to commrequest@uso.org and include any attachments.  We’ll publish some of our favorites all throughout our birthday week on this blog and the On Patrol Blog.

Happy (almost) Birthday to us and we can’t wait to hear from YOU!