Captain Lisa Merwin, Retired Sergeant Robbie Gaupp, and Sergeant 1st Class Landon Ranker, all part of the Army team competing in the second annual Warrior Games took a few minutes out of their busy schedule to discuss their upcoming participation with with us.

In 2010, Army won the medal count, but the Marines the overall competition, so we were curious as to how they felt going in this year.

“We look a lot better than last year because of the [increased] prep time we’ve had,” said Ranker, who will be competing in the Ultimate Champion Competition, which will include the shot put, air rifle shooting, 100-meter sprint, 50-meter freestyle, and 30-kilometer cycling - wow!

Merwin, who is competing in the women’s 10-kilometer cycling and 50-meter freestyle events, noted that the team was ready, saying, “The enthusiasm of the athletes is very high.”

Gaupp agreed he was excited for his events: the 800-meter spring, 100- and 200-meter dashes, four by 100-meter relay and seated volleyball.

Having been at the U.S. Olympic Training Center for the past week, the athletes have only a few hours left to prepare. “It’s time to start sizing up the competition,” Ranker said. Let the games begin! – Vyque White, USO