Spring is here and the excitement of baseball’s opening day is just 8 days away.

We all have different baseball teams we support. But there’s one team we can all root for: America’s troops.

And given all they’re going through right now, we need to make our support loud, clear and visible. Please make a donation of $25 or more today to get your limited edition “Support Our Troops” jersey-style t-shirt.

Millions of America’s bravest men and women have proudly served in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last decade. They’ve done everything our country has asked of them at great personal sacrifice.

Let’s make it clear that we honor their service and that we will always have their back. Donate $25 or more before the April 4th deadline to get your limited edition t-shirt.

With your help, our “Support Our Troops” t-shirt will be seen at sporting and other events all through the spring and summer.

Thanks for wearing your t-shirt with pride and taking part in this high-profile show of support for our troops. - Sloan Gibson, President & CEO, USO