Spending time away from family and friends for weeks and months at a time is difficult. Missing out on the cheer and warmth that comes with holiday celebrations makes that separation even tougher. The USO understands this and has crafted care packages to keep them connected to family, home and country during specific holidays.

For service members like Marine Master Sergeant Charles Lazard, who was stationed at Camp Mujuk, South Korea, the thought and care that was put into the Holiday Care Packages truly helped him, and those serving with him, miss home a little less.

USO Holiday Care Packages, each intended to support about 50 service members, group together several holiday seasons in an effort to send as much enjoyment as possible in each shipment. The four package variations include: Super Bowl/Valentine’s Day/St. Patrick’s Day; Patriotic/Summer; Halloween/Thanksgiving and Winter/Christmas/Hanukkah, and include items like decorations, snacks, games, DVDs and more. Requests can be placed through USO.org.

Since the program was launched in 2011, we’ve distributed nearly 1,500 boxes that brought holiday cheer to more than 110,000 service members in more than 500 locations.

“It really boosted morale,” Lazard said. “Seeing the place decorated helped us miss home a little less.”

“Those [USO Holiday Care Packages] were our life line,” Navy Chaplain (Lieutenant) Paul Rogers, also at Camp Mujuk, wrote. “Without them, we would have had no physical reminders of what was happening back home.”

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