NBC’s Al Roker Going on USO Tour in 2014

Al Roker

Al Roker

Beloved celebrity weatherman Al Roker announced Tuesday morning that he’ll go on a USO Tour in 2014 as part NBC’s Today Show’s Shine A Light series.

The NBC series is a year-long initiative by the show focusing on service and giving back to communities in need.

From the Today.com:

Al’s goal is to join a USO tour, helping to bring a little bit of America to our troops stationed all around the world.

“A few years ago I went to Afghanistan … You see it on TV, but nothing can prepare you for what these men and women are dealing with,” Al said. “We still have a lot of American troops in harm’s way, and I want them to know that they’re remembered.”

Dates and locations for Roker’s tour are still to be determined.

Roker officially joined the Today Show in 1996 and also hosts Waking Up With Al on The Weather Channel.

Last month, NBC highlighted the USO Christmas Convoy, which hit 50 remote locations in Southwest Asia to bring cheer and gifts to American troops who couldn’t make it home for the holidays to be with their families.

2 thoughts on “NBC’s Al Roker Going on USO Tour in 2014

  1. Wow. That is so wonderful that Al Roker is doing this. I am a USO volunteer and I just wish that I could be doing something like Al is doing. When Kelli Pickler went to Afghanistan over Christmas, I wish I was there. I am a volunteer who wants to do more and I believe that there are many more who would love to do something like that even just once. I really do not get jealous but I do get jealous when clelebrites get to do what I think many volunteers would love to do. Go out and cheer up some military in different countries. Have a volunteer who wants to do something like Al and Kelli did or are doing. Tag along. Why is it always the celebrities who get this amazing chance and us volunteers just watch and hear about? USO should have a volunteer from a state that wants to tag along and help. I would love to do it. I wish Al the best.

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