A Much-Needed Break: Mobile USO Stops by Navy Yard

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The USO of Metropolitan Washington-Baltimore’s Mobile USO – an RV packed with treats and games dispatched around the region to lift spirits – visited the Navy Yard area of Washington on Wednesday, bringing a much-needed positive distraction to a military community shaken by the Sept. 16 shootings.

USO Metro’s Shalyn Bartelt and Jenn Hall served a steady stream of around 350 people over two hours, handing out snacks – including bags of fresh popcorn from their popcorn machine – and holding giant tricycle races in the parking lot, with the winners of each race taking home a DVD of their choice. The event also featured a contest where guests could guess how many Hershey Kisses were in a jar, with the winner receiving an iPod.

One thought on “A Much-Needed Break: Mobile USO Stops by Navy Yard

  1. A moment for remember and honor while doning services to people present, a moment where humanity was the principl ubject. the fallen sailors have received serenity by this presence, for they known their families have now a big family: USO, that support them, aiding to have seremity claudio alpaca

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