USO Brings Mother’s Day Treatment to Kandahar-Based Troops

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Mom doesn’t get much thanks downrange.

The USO Southwest Regional Team understood this, and went out of their way to give a special thanks to the women of Kandahar Airfield’s Role 3 Trauma Hospital with a spa day on Sunday.

“These ladies work long hours on their feet and have little time to pamper themselves,” USO Southwest Asia wrote on its Facebook page.

The spa experience included manicures, pedicures, facials and massages. More than 100 treatments were provided.

Check out USO Southwest Asia’s Facebook page for more details.

-Story by USO Story Development

One thought on “USO Brings Mother’s Day Treatment to Kandahar-Based Troops

  1. I salute,i will always be by your side the service men and women in uniform in combat and action around the globe like in Southwest Asia,Kandahar.Get a pause and I hope will recorver form your bruises,curses and tiredness by Helth Accessories,Therapy sessions,Reflexology sessions,Pedicures,Manicures.Thank`s for working adinfintum.God will assuage your thews.Carry on with the state mission and I have your back through USO always.and my side is part of US deployed troops..We know that women are not stronger as men are,but thank you for joining US Army and the services and sacrifices you offer from your training and strength you gained during you recruitment in US Army.

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