Service After Service: Ron Corbin

To mark Veterans Day, we asked some of our volunteers who have served in America’s armed forces to share why they give their time to today’s troops by helping the USO. Here is one of their stories.

Ron Corbin

I have experienced the gamut of deployments and welcome home ceremonies, both as a veteran as well as the parent of two sons who served their country. I am a former Army helicopter pilot having served two tours in Vietnam (1966-67, and 1969). I know firsthand the emotions of leaving a new bride after only a few months of marriage, and then a year later departing again to a combat zone. I’ve felt the elation of returning home to only a “Welcome” by family, and the sting and bitterness of an unsupportive nation during an unpopular war.

As a father, I’ve also experienced the anxiousness of sending off my oldest son—a Marine—and my youngest son—a sailor—to war during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Being a parent in this situation, the worry and concern for sending off children into harm’s way was more difficult to deal with than being sent to combat myself. After enduring the anticipation of their return from overseas, it is an indescribable feeling when they finally step off the plane or ship and are safe at home.

I’ve always said war is a young man’s game played with rules made by old men. Now, at the age of 66, I can give something back to the young men and women who are spouses, sons, daughters and maybe even parents themselves of our brave troops. I can empathize with almost every aspect of what it means for someone to serve our nation in the armed forces.

This is my reward for volunteering at the USO. It pays my heart in full.

—Ron Corbin
USO Las Vegas Volunteer

6 thoughts on “Service After Service: Ron Corbin

  1. Ron, This is why it is such a privilege to call you my friend. You have a heart as big as the universe and you continue to care and give. As the mother and now mother in law of 2 Sailors I am thankful that there are people like you who give your time so that they can have a place to go on those long layovers in a place where they have no one. Thank You and God Bless you.

  2. Ron, Your knowledge, wisdom, and experience is a gift that you just keep on giving. You are “FIRST CLASS” in my book.
    Clear Left!

    Tom Gator 851

  3. Great job my friend…I am so glad to see the country standing behind our military now. That’s the was it should be and should have been in our time. What we some times tend to forget is that we so few of us traveled with whole military units. We were traveling alone and since it was such an unpopular war we took the brunt on our own. I personally only had one small experience and I was able to handle it with no big problem.. Keep up the good work.. You make us Gators and Crocs Proud… Thanks for you service. I am proud to have served with you..

  4. I would love to travel through L.V. and meet you at your USO Center. Sometime when I am there I will be sure to visit, RW, San Jose Airport USO.

  5. Hi Ron, Are you by chance the former A/C w/the call name “California Dreamer”? If so, I would like more details on the helicopter crash involving your friends, Bosley and Daniel, and my Dad, Lt. Col. Gail Wilson. Thanks, Eldest Daughter.

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