Share the Love

The USO is excited to be a finalist to be a part of the Subaru’s 2012 “Share the Love” event! In August, the two charities that receive the most votes on Subaru’s Facebook site will be included in this winter’s “Share The Love” event. We encourage you, your friends and families to cast your ballots for the USO at — you can vote every day until August 26th! During the “Share The Love” event at dealerships this winter, Subaru customers will be able to select which of the five charities they would like Subaru to donate $250 for every new Subaru vehicle sold or leased from November 21st through January 2nd, up to a grand total of $5 million… wow!

MAJ Butch at the USO on Bagram Air Base and wants you to vote!

Not only can you help us by voting every day, but you can also help remind our supporters to vote Every day we’ll be posting a patriotic dog (or any beloved pet) photo on our Facebook page to remind our community to vote! Submit your own pet at and maybe yours will be our featured pet helper of the day!

3 thoughts on “Share the Love

  1. We simply do not understand the agony of a Soldier because we have not been in their boots which walked the distance, risked the unknown, left comfy homes to a place of unknown without knowing in advance whether they return. The ultimate sacrifice we do not know and will never know. What we can and will do is walk that extra mile in recongizing they are loved, remembered as well as welcomed every where they lay their foot.

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