Wawa Welcomes America with Hoagies

Last week Wawa kicked off its Independence Day celebrations in Philadelphia with a special Hoagie Day –  an afternoon full of singing, food and thanking our troops!

Hundreds of thank you notes were collected and will be sent to troops overseas!

That morning over 200 Wawa associates came together to make more than 4.5 tons of hoagie to feed event attendees! Thousands of people came out to eat and write messages of thanks to the troops at the Liberty USO tent!

Anyone know where we can find an extra large ATM?

Wawa celebrated an amazing two weeks of fundraising for the USO by giving us a check for $100,000! The campaign isn’t over yet- be sure to stop by your closest Wawa and drop in some change for the USO – maybe we can double that!

Finally, the USO Liberty Bells closed out the festivities by performing a medley of songs that got everyone up and dancing! Thanks Wawa for all your support and dedication to our military! – Vyque Elessar, USO Director of New Media

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