Daddy Comforts From Afar

As parents, we know that reading to our children is not only an important contribution to their development, but a powerful opportunity for emotional connection.  So when a military parent deploys, the parent is challenged to continue their vital role, despite a long separation. Father’s Day is just one of the many special holidays that a military family may not get to spend together.

United Through Reading’s Military Program is one way a military parent can remain engaged over the course of a deployment.  As this awww-inducing video from a United Through Reading beneficiary family shows, children are never too young to benefit from the soothing sound of their parent’s voice, and a dad is never too far away to comfort his son in this simple way.

Want to help? Simply like OshKosh B’gosh on Facebook and they’ll donate to help fund this great program!

4 thoughts on “Daddy Comforts From Afar

  1. Reblogged this on NotShortrueTalesOfMe and commented:
    I have this very same book from when Eric was deployed to Afghanistan when Eyrie was a newborn. No I am going to find him several books to read to her so she can hear her Daddy when he is deployed in the coming months.

  2. I love this ideal!! My son is in the Navy & has a two yr. old daughter & a son that will barley be a week old when his deployment happens. I hope he has had the chance to do this!! Wonderful Wonderful ideal!!

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