Last Chance for a USO Jersey!

The USO’s Support Our Troops: Home or Away jersey-style t-shirt is a great way for you to demonstrate your unyielding support for our troops. But, you only have 24 hours to order one. This is the final time we’ll offer this shirt. So, this is literally your last chance to act.

Support Our Troops: Home or Away with a donation of $25 or more today, and get your USO t-shirt.

From free phone calls that allow troops to hear the voices of their loved ones and friends to USO2GO shipments that provide a touch of home no matter where our troops are stationed, the USO makes sure these heroic men and women know that the people back home are thinking of them.

Joining this campaign to give back to our troops means you’re a part of a very special group of Americans who recognize our troops’ selfless dedication to our nation — and have the honor to put our words of thanks into action.

Thank you for being there for our troops — home or away. – Kelli Seely, USO Chief Development Officer

2 thoughts on “Last Chance for a USO Jersey!

  1. This post on 10/20/11 says we have 24 hours left to order a shirt. It’s still 10/20/11 & the donation site says “The t-shirt campaign has ended, but our troops still need your support!”. Is that correct? Thanks for all you do!

    • Debi, the page is still up, perhaps hit refresh? If you’re still having trouble you can go to and it should be linked from the home page as well!

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