Sleeping Giants

American warriors deployed to Afghanistan do some of the world’s toughest jobs, all while apart from their families.

While many of us take a good night’s sleep for granted, getting some shut-eye is low on the priority list of the many men and women in uniform responsible for fighting a war.  Some of their days are filled with early morning missions, long afternoons, and dangerous night raids.

That’s why the USO’s seven Afghanistan centers are so critical.  Not only do these places of refuge — run by selfless USO staff and volunteers — offer tools to help troops connect with and feel the comforts of home, they also offer something one can almost never find in a dangerous war zone: peace and quiet.

The Pat Tillman Memorial USO at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan posted the following images on Facebook of brave U.S. troops taking some well-deserved naps: 

The USO thanks all our men and women in uniform serving with so much bravery and selflessness around the world.  Because of the sacrifices they are making around the clock, Americans on the home front can get a good night’s sleep in peace. – Tom Sileo, USO Director of Story Development

5 thoughts on “Sleeping Giants

  1. My son is there, but I honor these soldiers for their courage, strength and character. I have more respect for them than any other professional working person. Godspeed to all you men and women who serve.

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