Forward March

“I thank the USO FOB Shindand every time my husband is able to call home,” Angela, a military spouse, posted on the USO FOB Shindand Facebook page on March 21. “Thank you for providing the service to our men and women of the military.”

Despite all her family is already sacrificing for our country, Angela asked if she could do more to help the USO center, which has been a beacon of light for troops stationed in this particularly remote area of Afghanistan since its fall opening.

“Angela, just having your husband over here is enough and we thank you for that,” Center Manager Frank Stinson responded less than hour later from half a world away.

Angela’s husband’s visit was one of a record 108,833 by service members at six USO centers in Afghanistan during America’s tenth March at war in the country. According to USO statistics, that’s a staggering 525 percent increase in foot traffic since March 2010.

Thousands of Americans have risked their lives in Afghanistan since September 11, 2001. Since that tragic day, employees and volunteers of the USO, like in previous conflicts, have worked tirelessly to lift the spirits of our troops and their families. Despite the very real dangers of an active war zone, five of the six USO centers in Afghanistan have opened in the past year….

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