USO tour featuring rock band Seether

WHEN: Dec. 14 – 20, 2010

WHERE: Hawaii and Guam

WHY: Platinum hard rock musicians Shaun Morgan, Dale Stewart, Troy McLawhorn and John Humphrey of Seether are gearing up for their second USO/Armed Forces Entertainment tour. The quartet will take their high-energy antics on the road to perform for troops and their families serving overseas, pose for photos and participate in meet and greets.

Formed in 1999, the South African rock band released its first U.S. album “Disclaimer” in 2002. Having become one of the core artists on rock radio, Seether has sold more than 5 million records worldwide with each release producing multiple Top 10 hits. Their chart-topping success includes number one singles “Remedy,” “Fake It,” “Rise Above This,” as well as the gold certified hit “Broken” and “Careless Whisper.”

In 2009, the group participated in their first USO tour visiting more than 5,000 troops and their families stationed in Japan. Their newest album “Holding on to Strings Better Left to Fray” will be released in 2011.

3 thoughts on “USO tour featuring rock band Seether

  1. Thanks for the info!

    But… Do you know if it’s the real album title? I mean, the band (or the label) told you that it was the title of the new album? Thank you.

    I’m sure the show will be great, Seether always put a good show.

  2. Seether is a rock band from South Africa. Their post-grunge music appeals to me in many ways. My favorite album by Seether is “Finding Beauty in Negative Places”. About 5/6 of this album’s songs are appealing to me.
    This album sold 750,562 copies. This shows how many other people agree with me on how great this band is. In my opinion, this is their best album so far. I’m sure the new album they are putting out in May will be even better than this one. This album has better songs in general than their older albums. The songs on this album are even catchier than the other ones.
    Seether’s lyrics are more mad and loud than other artists in this category. Most people would listen to them if they wanted to get “pumped up” or excited, or even if they were mad and needed to blow off some steam. They have many different songs with many different tempos. “Remedy” is more of a fast paced song, that is one of my favorites. “Driven Under” has a slower tempo and is also a favorite of mines. Most people that would enjoy this artistr are teens and people that are in their twenties, because they are more inclined to listen to “harder” music when they are mad.
    In one sentence I would describe this CD as: Their greatest CD with their greatest songs. If I were to change anything about this album it would be the songs: “eyes of the Devil”, “Don’t Believe”, and “Waste”.
    The Good Songs:
    FMLYHM- Pretty good and some great lyrics
    Fake It- Great song and other verses
    Breakdown-Meaningful lyrics
    Remedy- Fast tempo and fun
    Driven Under- Slower, “Deep”
    No Jesus Christ- The lyrics catch you
    Fallen- Pretty good all around
    Careless Whisper- Great song
    Six Gun Quota- Pretty great all around
    Walk Away from the Sun- Okay all around

    The Not-So-Good Songs:
    Eyes of the Devil-alright
    Don’t believe-decent
    Waste-I didn’t really like it

    In conclusion, this album is the best to me. It has the best songs and you will want to listen to it over again. I’m sure if you like rock music you will love this CD.

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