Annual USO Holiday Tour Led By Admiral Mike Mullen

WHO: Seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong
Grammy award-winning comedian Lewis Black
Country music singer/songwriter Kix Brooks
Hall of Fame songwriter Bob DiPiero
Comedian Kathleen Madigan
Academy award-winning actor/comedian Robin Williams

WHEN: Winter 2010

WHERE: Various locations

WHY: What happens when you take three of today’s funniest performers, add in two country music legends and round out the mix with one of the most inspirational athletes of our times? Troops overseas are about to find out as the USO once again teams up with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen for the annual USO holiday tour featuring Lance Armstrong, Lewis Black, Kix Brooks, Bob DiPiero, Kathleen Madigan and Robin Williams.

Partnering with the USO since 2000, the Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has deployed more than 11 entertainment tours and lifted the spirits of more than 150,000 service men and women. Delivering a much-needed break to troops overseas, the seven-day tour will deliver laughs and goodness to our men and women in uniform during a time of year that matters most, the holidays.

This trip will mark the sixth USO tour for Williams, the third for Black and the second for Armstrong, Brooks, DiPiero and Madigan.

11 thoughts on “Annual USO Holiday Tour Led By Admiral Mike Mullen

  1. I was at the Warrior Center a couple of years ago and to see the happiness this bring to our wound would make any American cry. Thank you for do this. I only wish that I would be there. I’m scheduled to be at the Warrior Center January 5th, 2011.

    Again, thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.


  2. Great mix of inspirational celebrities! What chance of getting access to the videos of the events with online access ?
    With Stockholm last night it is obvious to all that the mission the Troops are on is VITAL to the security of ALL !
    To all those in HARMS WAY , thankyou for yours and your families sacrifice to ensure our wellbeing in these troubled times ! Safe homecoming and i hope your families enjoy the festive season regardless of the empty place at the table.

  3. Robin Williams visited with my Grandson who is in Baghdad Iraq on his second tour with the the USAF. This visit ment very much to him . He will not be with his pregnant wife who is also in the USAF having their first child, a girl. He is scheduled to be with her for the birth. Thanks again to Robin Williams for his selfless actions. FGA

  4. It was a great show! The entire crew on this tour were extremely generous with their time. Check out the video news story from Camp Liberty, Iraq here ->

  5. Thank you all for coming to Kandahar. Your visit meant so much to all of us FREEZING out there. The show was great. A special thanks for Robin Williams for taking the time to sign and take pictures despite the temperature and time. YOU ALL ROCK. I am just saying…

  6. Thank you all so much. My husband really enjoyed the show from Camp Liberty. It makes being away from home just a little bit easier.

  7. I was at that show in Iraq and had my picture taken at the end of the show. The photographer said we could download it but I didn’t hear from where or how. Does anyone know? I would love to get the picture of me standing behind all the celebs.

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