P&G and Walmart Team Up with the USO for “Operation Family Connect”

CINCINNATI (Dec. 1, 2010) – Procter & Gamble (NYSE:PG) and Walmart (NYSE:WMT) are teaming up with the USO to help connect deployed members of the U.S. military with their families during the holiday season with the launch of “Operation Family Connect”. Today, there are more married service men and women who are deployed since the Civil War, and in addition, the U.S. is experiencing the longest deployment of troops in history. This means that a simple call home to a loved one makes a world of difference to the men and women in uniform, and connecting them with their families during the holidays is invaluable.

Operation Family Connect” (www.operationfamilyconnect.com) is helping families connect by bringing much-needed improvements to communications technology and resources overseas. P&G and Walmart’s support will allow the USO to provide increased talk time for troops and families. The program not only provides troops with pre-paid phone cards, but is also increasing the number of phones that are available and improving the satellite-based phone network at USO centers in Southwest Asia. On average, 192,000 satellite-based calls are made each month from troops to their families.

Beginning on December 1, people can visit www.operationfamilyconnect.com for the debut of “Operation Family Connect: Road to Reunion,” a series of six web videos that chronicle three military families as they anticipate the return of their family members from Iraq. People can also follow each family’s compelling story and share in their exciting moments through home videos and personalized blogs. For those who want to help connect deployed soldiers with their family members during the holiday season, there is also an opportunity to donate to Operation Family Connect.

“We are delighted to partner with P&G and Walmart this holiday season,” said Sloan Gibson, president of the USO. “And with the help of both companies, we were able to increase public awareness of USO programs, substantially improve the ability to provide family connection through talk time and continue our mission of lifting the spirits of our troops and their families around the world.”

P&G and Walmart are committed to bringing families together this holiday season, both overseas and at home. In addition to helping connect deployed troops with their families, they are also launching an uplifting family made-for-TV movie, “A Walk In My Shoes,” which focuses on how a military family comes together in the face adversity. “A Walk In My Shoes” will air on December 3rd at 8/7c on NBC.

Click here for a trailer of “A Walk in My Shoes”

One thought on “P&G and Walmart Team Up with the USO for “Operation Family Connect”

  1. I am a former Active Duty Army Vet who was injured on post at Fort LeonardWod during BCT and has gotten no help. But I will not stop until I have turned over every stone to get programs and help for my battle buddies, their families and Veterans who are in need of assistance. If anyone would like to come along side of me in my endeavor inbox me on Facebook or call my cell # 417 365 9149. Thank You to all of my BATTLE BUDDIES & THEIR FAMILIES for sacrificing , GOD is watching over you all !!! I am blessed to have so many amazing battle buddies. I would love to hear from all of you , as you can never have too many Battle Buddies !!!!

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