2 thoughts on “Say Hello to the “Hug Lady”

  1. hi to you hug lady, you are a very special person. my husband is on his 3rd deployment and most likely 4th. he asked for an extension and it was approved. our 18 yr. old son leaves monday for ft. benning in georgia. he enlisted for 6 yrs. he is going to be a blackhawk mechanic. its breaking my heart to have him leave but im also so proud of him and his dad. i know that this is the best thing for my son because there are no jobs out there so someone that is as smart as he is. he is one of 5 of our kids and there all great and we love all of them and proud of all of them. im sending you a big HUG ! XOXO thank toy for all you do

  2. hello my name is judy gilliam crowe, my father who is gone now and my 3 brothers and many uncles have been in the army and some in the navy. and my daughter soon to be husband joined the army and he leaves on jan23rd to be in fort b ga. he will be in basic for 141/2 wks and then he will be stationed at fort hood tx. i was wondering how i join uso and not just the facebook. i mean the real uso org. that theyshow on tv on that commercail. If u could help me in any way about this i would gladly apperate it… my daughter wants to join as well….. thank you for ur time

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