16 thoughts on “Presented by U.S.O. Camp Shows!

  1. The young lady to the far right looks like dancer/actress Cyd Charisse.
    Her face is plumper than I’m used to seeing it… but; it sure looks like her.

  2. The man standing (2nd from left) looks like Howard Duff (the mustache could have been preparation for a movie part).

  3. The young lady in light colored suit might be Ella Raines, because of the widows peak. There is another actress that this look like; but she was more of a B movie actress and I can’t recall her name.

  4. The gentleman second from the left is my grandfather, Lawrence Phillips, who was the Executive Director of Camp Shows during WWII.

    • Is there an archive for camp shows during world war 2. A friend who just passed recently was in a camp show called Hell-za-poppin and Pardon Me, her name was Joyce Breazeale. A time life article was written about that show, and came out in november 12,1945

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