When In Rome…

Better late than never, as this week’s Image of the Day falls on a Friday.  These troops and USO volunteers sure are having a great time, but where are they, exactly?  Italy?  Greece?  And what year do you think it is?  As always, comments are welcome!

6 thoughts on “When In Rome…

  1. Rome, 1963? Lol…no matter the place or the year, our men STILL look damn fine in their uniforms! I must say, I have a special place in my heart for the USO. According to my grandmother, now passed away, she was a member of the USO when she met my grandfather, also passed away, who was in the Army, while in Washington state. That was in the ’40s. So, I want to thank both the US Army and the USO for being here!

  2. greece, late 1960’s. thank you USO for all you do for us. you were there in afghanistan with us in 2003. your the best.

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