6 thoughts on “I Love a Parade

  1. My guess is that it is a Saint Patrick’s Day parade, just because the trees aren’t in leaf. Late 60’s early 70’s.

  2. I am just guessing St. Paddy’s Day, only because of the lack of leaves on the trees. The people in the background don’t have on very wintery clothing, so possibly in the spring. I really don’t know much about the military clothing, but the spectators look like they are dressed in early 70’s clothing. Unfortunately, can’t make out what the small sign on the side of the float says. Good luck!

  3. Don’t know who or where or when. But there are no leaves on the trees so I’m guessing St. Pat’s day not the 4th of July.

  4. This is a Veterans Day Parade, note the trees w/o leaves, probably back
    east, mid 60s since it is black and white, small format camera, cannot be
    St Pat’s since that parade is March 17 weekend; obviously not July.
    I say Washington area, the buildings remind me of DC.

  5. Looks like WWII uniforms, and my guess is it’s a St Patrick’s day parade, not 4th of July…. Look at the trees…. no leaves, can’t be 4th July !!!
    On the other hand…Could this be Veterans Day, in Nov ?????

  6. I’m guessing St. Patrick’s Day Parade (or Irish Festival – Dublin, OH?). The sign on the float reads “Geico and…” the rest is not visible. I’m guessing in the mid-to-late 1960’s. There is a Jackie Kennedy Onasis look-alike, complete with sunglasses, in the bott0m portion of the picture between the legs of the two servicemen on the float. Also, in the center-far right of the picture a young man and woman are sitting together. He has white socks and his pant cuffs ride higher (as they did in that time). The woman has a bouffant.

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