Video Interview with the Boondock Saints!

Sean Patrick Flannery (l) and Norman Reedus were two of the "Boondock Saints" who recently completed a USO tour. (Photo courtesy

In celebration of the 10-year anniversary of the release of “Boondock Saints,” the film’s stars Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus and Brian Mahoney teamed up for a USO tour, along with the film’s writer/director Troy Duffy and producer Chris Brinker.  We’ll have pictures for you soon, but in the meantime enjoy this short video interview with the cast!

18 thoughts on “Video Interview with the Boondock Saints!

  1. Thank you for taking your own time and supporting our troops and knowing what this country is all about. I love the Boondock Saints and am thankful I get to live in a country that allows the making of such movies.

  2. That is one of the most terrific things they could have done for our troops. I love these guys, in the sense they devote a good share of their time to their public and to honorary issues. (from what I can gather, anyway)

    Besides, Norman Reedus is my future lover, he just doesn’t know it yet !

  3. Just one more reason to love these guys. I have been on two tours to Iraq and knowing the “Saints” are doing a USO tour makes me wish I was there again just to see them! I can’t tell you how many times I have wished that these guys existed in real life. Thank you gentlemen for doing what you do. We love you!!!

  4. It’s so awesome of them. What i really adore is that it is for over a week; most time u see ppl shake hands and than: back home.
    Guys u r sooo BADASS!!

  5. It was an honor to meet and have you sign some items for us in Djibouti. My son’s birthday was today and he is going to be excited to get one of those items that you all had signed. Thanks for all you guys do for our troops.

  6. I want to THANK YOU AGAIN from the bottom of my heart for sharing your kind and thoughtful talented selves to our Troops, and for being so Humble and REAL to all your Fans.
    These are Real SAINTS whom practice Loyalty to our fine Country and are Not Hollywood snobs who are Respecters of Persons… of which attitudes God does hate. You all have BLESSED so many lives and bring so much encouragement to the lonely and hurting. Keep the heart of Justice ALIVE my dear friend TROY, ROCCO, Sean, Norman and crew. We do need you IN EVERY MAJOR CITY! We want you all in EVERY CITY around the world for GOODNESS SAKE! Troy you are a Most AMAZING story writter whom should have Won an Academy Award for these finest Boondock Saints! They need to have your amazingly Fun STYLE in a Category all it’s OWN! I just can’t STOP Re-Watching your Master Piece Boondock Saints movies, and have quite the Signed Collection of these Movies, props, and collectables from them. My husband Gordon you all sent verbal tapings to is still in SANGIN, Afghanistan for the big UK to USA Change/Hand over of that most dangerous region/Base. He was MOST Gracious of your kindness and Gifts to our family, and to our Military Brothers and sisters! ~ with or WITHOUT the ROPE!
    May God richly Bless your lives and protect you in ALL of your travels and endeavors. =)
    your friend always,
    McNeil Military Advisor/S.F. Army wife ‘Carol Montana’
    aka=” Lady Boondock Saint” of M.S.

  7. I am so glad you guys are doing this I knew there was a reason my son was such a devoted fan he has the courtroom speech on his myspace page I left it up after he was KIA in Afghanistan. I would really like to share his story with Sean, Norman and Brian if you guys care to hear it contact me anytime. I have a neat story to tell ya!!!

  8. I can’t believe this! I heard they are coming to the middle east. I’m gonna be here for a few more months! When are they coming?? :-)))

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