13 thoughts on “Wait, Come Back! Where Are You Going?

  1. Yes the USO……free pizza and internet yeah let’s go HOOAH!!!!! That’s what I always said I love the USO yall took care of us.

  2. Looking at the license plate, it must be Korea.
    The goofy face on the totem fits too.
    The writing looks Chinese, which also fits as a lot of Chinese words are written and spoken here.

  3. This looks like the buildings at the Presidio in San Francisco before they turned into a national something and took it away from the military.

  4. The building’s roof and the totems lead me to think this is somewhere in the pacific. The steering wheel of the car is on the right side which would put it in Hawaii, Guam or Okianwa (prior to 1972). The license plate on the car appears to be a Hawaiian plate from the early 1960’s.

  5. Wait….. I am dead wrong. Someone snuck a post in on me. Juney Bug is absolutely correct. That is the Seoul USO’s front door. Good work!! Duh, I was busy looking for the license plate. Forgot Korea drives on the right side of the road too.

  6. Yes, that is the entrance to USO Camp Kim in Seoul, Korea. I would venture to say that it is from the mid to late 70’s…especially since we didn’t open at this location until 1973.

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