Letters Back Home

Sometimes it’s easy to forget about all the small moments that add up to a great USO experience, so we love getting notes like this from deployed service men and women.

If you or someone you know is deploying overseas, check out the full range of services we offer for Troops and their families.  Not sure where a USO Center is located?  Check out our Locations Directory and find one near you today!

2 thoughts on “Letters Back Home

  1. I have just returned to USA after close to 5 years in Iraq. The USO at Ali- Al Salem played an important role during an emergency leave in 2010 as a link to hope, and a welcom respite on my way out last month. My Thanks to all the staff. I NEED THEIR HELP IN CONTACTING THE CHAPLAIN’S OFFICE AT ALI AL SALEM – When I returned I found that I had left important personal belongings in their office. I am nable to contact them because all numbers and e-mail are outdated. Thank you, Sincerely,
    Lawrence Smith

  2. Almost a year later, I am happy to report that the chaplains at Camp Atterberry IN, and the chaplains at Ali Al Salem connected, and the problem is solved.

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