A Rock-N-Rollin’ Mystery

Sometime in Watertown, New York, this band rocked the stage for the troops. From the looks of the band members, visors, sleeveless shirts and Nike shoes were big. That might help narrow down a decade or two. The electric guitar has a unique paint job; maybe you’ve seen it before? Perhaps you own a similar shirt in your closet? Help us put a name to this band.

19 thoughts on “A Rock-N-Rollin’ Mystery

  1. guitar player is rick nelson of the band cheap trick. singer for cheap trick was robin zander and this singer is not him. singer may be freddy mercury of queen, maybe an all star show this would be late 70s early 80s

  2. Is the other singer in the background Mike Reno (Loverboy)? Looks like there may be two drummers also… the bass drums look a little far apart to be just a double bass setup. I’m leaning toward some sort of all-star jam or something.

  3. While the guitarist does indeed look like Rick Nielson of Cheap Trick, the singer look a bit like Paul Rodgers of Bad Company.

  4. That is Rick Nielsen playing his “Gonna Raise Hell” guitar, but there is no way that is Cheap Trick. It’s not Freddie Mercury, either. Could be Mike Reno in the background — that was my first thought — and I know Cheap Trick toured with the USO in the ’80s. I agree its somesort of all-star jam, but if you really want to know, send the photo to management at CheapTrick.com. They are very responsive about questions, and would probably love to have a copy of the pic for the website.

  5. In 1985 Cheap Trick and Kansas along with other bands (or members of bands) like Santana, Doobie Brothers, “Streets” and “Leroux” — even Stephen Stills — toured as “The First Airborne Rock and Roll Division” throughout Europe and Asia. The lineup changed a lot. Ithink the guy singing is from Leroux…here’s a good palce to check this out…


  6. The singer is Dave Jenkins from Pablo Cruise along with Rick Neilson (Cheap Trick) on guitar and the guy in the back ground is Leon Medica from the band Leroux on bass. This pic is from a 1984 tour when several bands joined together sponsored by the USO and it was called the 1st Airborne Rock and Roll Division, put together by Phil Ehart of the Kansas band. You can find more online under that name.

    • This is right I was there and have a signed tour photo of all the guys of the bands that were there, best day of my life and Cory Lerios picked me out of the whole crowd when I was sitting on the floor in the isle, and told me to smile. I met him and all the artists that day as they signed the tour photo they gave me. I never forgot that USO tour you guys were awesome and thank you Cory for making me smile. Rick Neilson played the one crazy guitar that has like 3 or 4 necks, that was cool. I was in the Army stationed near Kadina AFB.

  7. Cheap trick definitely toured for the USO in the mid 1980s. I was a teenage military dependent in Naples when they performed a show at Carney Park — an MWR facility located in the crater of an extinct volcano just south of Naples. They rocked. I even got to meet Rick Neilsen.

  8. This is the USO 1st Airborne Rock Band in 1984. Members from Cheap Trick, Kansas, Pablo Cruise, and LaRoux were included. They played on the flight deck of the USS Kitty Hawk in early 1984. I saw the show. Best concert EVER.

  9. I was at Camp Foster in Okinawa Japan in 1983. The USO brought over the Happy Days crew and cast members (not all of them, but Mrs. C was there) for a charity softball challenge, and the musical entertainment was Cheap Trick, Pablo Cruise, and Kansas. I went to the concert; I was an MP doing security detail. I got into a fight with a Marine in front of the stage; they stopped the Cheap Trick show while we rolled around on the ground.

  10. IMPORTANT: REWARD for lost a bunch of autographs I lost in the Phillipines(1983/84) while on barracks duty “B”company USMC incl ones from this USO tour(it was huge!) Cheap Trick,Kansas,Pablo Cruise,Pat Simmons(Doobie Bros)!! I lost them when I transferred back to states they were beautifully done on wood plaques trimmed in fine gold around autographs and coated in clear urethane! one plaque was of late great Randy Rhoads(OZZY) and some other that may incl RUSH,Loverboy and ??? been too many yrs! this has haunted me like a death in the family if anyone has any info regarding these please contact me asap!! Jim Morrison (814)493-7199 email spaceace60@yahoo.com THANKS for looking!

  11. I was there at the Camp Foster show, as well and even got backstage by blending in with the MPs and met Patrick Simmons! I also remember Bill the MP, who posted above. In fact I think I met him while I was in line to get in.

    Anyone have any rules for pictures of this show? I know Stars and Stripes had photographers there.

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