USO Tailgating with Snacks To Go

These two tailgating USO volunteers are offering a friendly smile and snacks to go. There appears to be a convoy behind them, but to which military? What can you tell us about the juice packets or the pancake-like-food they are serving? Any idea when this photo was taken?

6 thoughts on “USO Tailgating with Snacks To Go

  1. Looks like Europe someplace maybe Germany. I only say this because of the way the building is built and the Ero V.W. van that they sit in. Then again it looks like the sign on that building is someplace that states Ken… then maybe the word electric underneath? But my mind goes again with Europe because of the juice containers.

  2. My husband says that it looks like Baumholder Germany rail head. There is an old Bradley in the background and a gov issue leather pistol holder on the Soldier, and that would place it in the early to mid 1980’s.

  3. I would say sometime in the 80’s, aren’t those Bradlies? the men are wearing Kevlar helmets and Nomex tanker gear. I think the sign might say Kelin Elec. I served in Germany from 87-90, and the ground and air Cav both wore the Nomex suits.

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