“Fort Knox” is Now in Stars & Stripes!

We just received word  from “Fort Knox” comic strip creator and military brat, Paul Jon, that as of August 1st, Stars and Stripes newspaper is carrying his funny, family friendly, a personal favorite of ours. Be sure to check it out!

You can contact Paul Jon on his Facebook fanpage and you can also download his USO-inspired coloring sheets by clicking on the image below.  They print out on standard-size paper and are perfect for tucking into a letter or care package!

If your kids are having fun coloring these, let us know!  Snap a pic of your kiddo with his/her crayons and send it to us in an email.  We’ll feature some of our favorites in a future blog…

One thought on ““Fort Knox” is Now in Stars & Stripes!

  1. Thanks, USO!!! For ‘Fort Knox’ in 2010, for Travis AFB and Hickam AFB in 2008, for Andersen AFB in 1985-86, for Guam Boonie Stomps, for the guy who stopped by the gate I was manning at RTC/NTC Orlando on a cold Christmas Eve night in 1980 (and gave me a gift wrapped box of mints so I’d have something to open). USO, you are always there and always spot on. I hope when I (finally) retire, there is a USO near so I can give a little ‘payback.’

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