3 thoughts on “Letters Back Home

  1. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be in Iraq but, my son was in Afganastan and I know what it means to all the men and women who are over there what it’s like to get anything from home!! The USO does so much for our Troops and they appreciate it so much. Keep up the good work that you do USO and hopefully the morale of our Troops will remain HIGH!!!!

  2. A big THANK YOU for SERVING us back here home so many miles away. I appreciate all that you do for us. I try not to take for granted the pleasures I have every day. Please smile and take time to laugh every day. It helps so much . I will do my best to give waht I can to help you guys and gals over there. Sometimes I wonder what the biggest need is for us to do back here at home. Don’t ever forget you are so loved back here at HOME in the USA !!

  3. i just wanted to say a big thank u and hug for all the men and woman who made me free …… i would also let u know my son in law died in afg he wanted to be come a marnie u rest in peace jacob h turbett….. u rock in my eyes ……. may u all come home safe.

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