Holy Cactus! Or is it Cacti?

Or maybe cactuses? A plant this huge must have drawn quite a few visitors over the years.

A service member admires a gigantic plant

Can you help us identify the location in this photo based on the cactus or surrounding plants? We hope that someone will be able to narrow down the date from the automobiles in the lot, or even uncover the identity of the man posing here.

Please leave a comment if you can tell us any information about this picture.

7 thoughts on “Holy Cactus! Or is it Cacti?

  1. I would guess in the 40’s and the location would have to be way south, like New Mexico or South Texas. Just guessing, obviously, but you never know what might help. Hope it is determed when, where and who the soldier is!!!

    Carol Halbert

  2. From the looks of it I would guess southern California due to the palm tree behind the catcus. Given the uniform, and my guessed location it is either a Marine (khaki field scarf) or a Soldier.

  3. By the looks of his hat, and the rumppled uniform I would guess he is a foreignor. I estimate the year to be around 1942 to 1944, by the shape of the vehicles. The truck or buss looks like a 1935 Chevy, and the two autos in the background look foreing to me, probably in the earlier 1940’s. Site may be an ally of ours,

  4. well, i know the plural is cacti, but i’m not sure what that one is called. I have seen it before though. Judging by those cars, it must have been in the 40’s.

  5. Looks like a giant organ pipe cactus. I would say in SW Arizona. Pima or Yuma county. Tucson, Yuma, or Ajo AZ. Not sure on date

  6. I agree with Sue. The cactus was called the pipe organ cactus, the organ pipe cactus, and also known as the cathedral cactus. It looks like it was taken in early world war2, in Arizona

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