Photos from the Field

Periodically, we’re bringing you the best in USO photography from around the world.  Enjoy this first installment of our photo essays!

USO Bagram held a Texas Hold 'Em tournament and this Troop kept his cards close to the vest.

The Early Show's Dave Price sports his new USO gear in style during a segment where Wounded Warriors visited the set of the show courtesy of USO Fort Drum.

Volunteers at USO Kandahar distributed Tim Horton doughnuts and muffins to hungry Troops!

USO of Indiana volunteers snapped this picture during the Blue Star Salute at Stout Field in Indianapolis. The event was conducted by American Legion Post 145.

USO of Wisconsin recently welcomed home 32nd Red Arrow IBCT - thank you for your service!

On June 18, 2010, USO Korea held a Goodwill Golf Tournament, which was a huge success for all that attended and sponsored the event. Join them in October for their Invitational!

4 thoughts on “Photos from the Field

  1. I love the pics and think it is a great idea, we are about to send off a huge amount of troop and will to some send offs to take pics for friends, where does one turn in pics for you? Also the photographer who took these I am sure would appreciate a mention for credit, vain tho we are it does mean a lot. Thanks!

  2. Hi Karen,
    We love to get pictures! You can email to and we’ll definitely include a photographer credit. None of these photos have one, because they’re straight from Facebook and did not originally include the names of the photographer.

    If anyone knows who shot which picture, we’re always happy to include!

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