Who’s That Girl?

From the stickers on the woman’s dress, to the men’s caps, to the embroidered banner, we LOVE this photo!  The only thing is…we have no idea where it’s from, or who the people in the photograph are.  Do you recognize the location, the names, and the faces?  Let us know…

2 thoughts on “Who’s That Girl?

  1. Looks like my aunt, Samantha Kohler. Born Janine Leatherbarrow circa 1958. Probably in Florida, NTC Orlando or Ft. Lauderdale. I was actually looking for pictures of her mother, Marjorie Hall (Leatherbarrow) who was USO since WW2. I have very foggy memories of both of them taking me to Navy parties and “helping” her decorate when she was supposed to be babysitting. And all she had to do was wave to get onto the base, and she liked to drive around and stop sailors to talk to them. And she would steal their hats.

    Would love to see some pictures of my grandmother, circa WW2. I’ve heard she was very nice looking also, but have never seen a picture from when she was young. Also looking for any information on her first husband who died N Atlantic, ’42 before his son was born. I can’t even find his name.

  2. Marjorie Hall’s first son’s name was William Duncan (probably from Massachusetts.) Father’s name unknown; died in ’42. William died in Vietnam.

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