‘Heave a ho there! Sailor’

While many Americans are taking their vacations to the shore, help us identify the harbor in this photo.

Can you identify the location or date of this photo?

The ship names are barely visible, but can you recognize them? Do the cranes in the background or the mountain in the mist give away the location of this place – Stateside or overseas?

According to our records, the USO logo on the armband of the volunteer pictured here was in use from 1974-1983. Do you notice anything else that indicates a more specific date when this photo was taken?

Leave a comment below if you can provide any information about the people, place or date this photo was taken.

‘For you sail at break of day, Hey!’

16 thoughts on “‘Heave a ho there! Sailor’

  1. Is it Pearl Harbor? I am not sure but the mountain could be a volcano– makes me think of Hawaii.

  2. im gonna take a jump with a leap of faith here and for some reason i wanna say its either Italy or Greece and for my gut tells me Greece im prolly wrong but it just reminds me of a port i saw once long ago in greece

  3. The ship is the USS Belknap which was a first classified as a frigate and then a guided missile cruiser. It was commissioned in November of ’64 and decommissioned in February of ’95. It was sunk as a target ship on 24 September 1998. In the background, one of the tugs is the Monte Faito. The Monte Faito is listed as a salvage/rescue ship and was built in 1970 and had a port of registry listed as Naples. This would lead me to believe that the picture was from the early 70’s in Naples, Italy.

  4. I looked up the Naples port after Leo Rondeau Posted that he believed it was Naples, Italy and if you look in the upper right quadrant of my link and then the upper left quadrant of the picture above you see the two stacks with steam coming out of them and then also the way the mountain curves down, leading me to believe that Leo is 100% right

  5. The tugboat in the foreground is the Monte Faito. Monte Faito is a mountain in the Monti Lattari, a small chain in the Campanian Pre-Apennines, in the Sorrentine Peninsula, southern Italy. Tugs don’t usually venture too far from home, so perhaps that is the Monte Faito in the background of the picture.

  6. Looking at the Lt’s calculator watch and the huge pager on his belt tells me 1984. The radio in the other sailor’s hand is of the same time, 87 latest.

  7. This is the USS Belnap CG 26 the habor is Naples the month is Oct 75 the calculator watch first manufactured in mid 70’s This photo was taken just prior to the ships collision with the USS John F Kennedy.

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