Breaking the Roles: Chaplain David Sparks

David Sparks (l) is one of five chaplains supporting the community at Dover Air Force Base.

Continuing this week’s HuffPost Impact series “Breaking the Roles” is today’s profile of David Sparks, a long-time reserve chaplain who was called into active duty in the period after September, 11, before retiring in 2007 and staying on as a civilian chaplain at Dover Air Force Base.

“What an honor to work with these folks who are doing a duty that really can’t be described or imagined,” he told Huffington Post’s Jonathan Daniel Harris. “To keep them as healthy as possible as they do their work — it’s a huge privilege, it’s what called me to the ministry 30 years ago. Every day I walk away feeling fulfilled. Exhausted, but fulfilled.”

Click here to read the full interview and take a moment to watch a short video made at Dover AFB late last year…

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